The Rise of Fascism in Europe

The ever-widening gap between the elites and masses continues to cause problems for us all. Where oil barons profit from burning fossil fuels that lead to rising coastlines and then safely retreat to their in-land luxury penthouses once regions become uninhabitable, the poor struggle to recover life earnings from tropical storms. While the vast majority […]

Why Asian Hate Crimes Happen

On Feb. 13, Christina Yuna Lee is murdered in her apartment after having been stabbed over 40 times. Nearly a month prior, Michelle Go is shoved in front of a subway and killed in a seemingly random attack. And on the second day of last March, seven Asian women are physically assaulted in a string […]

Ukrainian New Yorkers Protest Against War in Ukraine in Times Square, Greenwich Village

As I stepped off the A train at Port Authority Bus Terminal, I saw crowds of people adorn their jacket sleeves with blue-and-yellow bandanas. Exiting the station, people carried posters and sunflowers as they trekked towards 42nd Street, where Razom for Ukraine, a non-profit dedicated to “supporting the people of Ukraine in their continued quest […]