A Brief Reflection on the Semester

In terms of writing for The Macaulay Messenger, I really enjoyed working with Lauren Hakimi this year on a more timely news story regarding Brookdale housing. I know several students contacted me about getting an article out there as soon as possible to help the cause. Even though the entire angle of the article changed last […]


Lupita Nyong’o Slays “Us”

Warning, there are spoilers ahead! On the opening day of Jordan Peele’s sophomore project, I was expecting a beautiful, intellectual, and compelling work and I, of course, was not disappointed. The intricacies of the narrative, in addition to the stunning and disturbing cinematography, blew me away. I especially loved the overall social theme of the […]

Promoting Inclusive Beauty Standards

A year ago, the makeup brand Tarte released their Shape Tape foundation and received immense backlash for their limited shade range from the beauty community. Media platforms like YouTube called out the company for releasing several variations of foundations for light skin tones, but only two options for darker skin tones. Recently, Tarte once again […]


Appreciation for the Underappreciated

During this month of thanks and giving, I would like to acknowledge a special group of people. This group does not solely reside in my personal social circle, but in the corners of every society. Embracing this label in all its sappiness, I would call this group the underappreciated—those unsung heroes who toil away or […]


Revisiting “Persona”: A Film that Defied Society and Defined Cinema

Amongst the canon movie classics like Citizen Kane, Casablanca and Psycho lies a particularly odd gem: Ingmar Bergman’s female-oriented film Persona. Released in 1966, an era when women were finding a new platform to raise their voices in the U.S., Bergman’s film explores the relationship between two women. The psychological screenplay continues to plague analysts today. […]