A Brief Reflection on the Semester

In terms of writing for The Macaulay Messenger, I really enjoyed working with Lauren Hakimi this year on a more timely news story regarding Brookdale housing. I know several students contacted me about getting an article out there as soon as possible to help the cause. Even though the entire angle of the article changed last minute, Lauren was able to edit it and share it within a day. Running around for interviews, learning to avoid loaded wording, and piecing together a story that was still ongoing are all very difficult to balance. The whole story reminded me of the immediacy of journalism, which is something I hadn’t yet encountered in college. I plan to potentially cover more news stories myself instead of focusing on just “Arts and Entertainment.” It was also nice to see a writer’s hard work pay off.

Aside from my Messenger work, this year was pretty damn difficult. The sophomore slump got to me and also many others that I know. All of a sudden, classes became more rigorous. At the same time, you become lazier. Things seem like they’re only going south. I personally found myself leaving things until the last minute and doing things I wasn’t accustomed to. I partially regret not being more active, but on the other hand, I am happy I allowed myself a few moments to breathe when I needed to. We should always prioritize health and mental well-being. I hope to be in more control of what I tackle next year. 

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  1. Insightful post, Sumaita! I really enjoyed working with you and learning from you for the Brookdale story, and like you I hope to be able to cover more news stories in the future!

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