Follow Your Passions

Late last year, for The Macaulay Messenger’s November issue, I wrote a piece expressing gratitude for my journey in digital media. In retrospect, I realized that I made it sound like my journey in digital media was smooth. It most definitely was not. At many points, I was afraid when shifting between interests. Sometimes, I […]


Without Journalism, There Is No Democracy

We live in a strange time when journalism and democracy seem to be threatened everyday — despite protections from the First Amendment. Again and again, I hear: “We need journalism now more than ever,” and journalism is increasingly being tied to the concept of democracy. (Last year, for The Excelsior, I wrote about a graduate course that […]


Nine Wonderful Women at Macaulay

Lisa Brundage Role at Macaulay: Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology Bio (via Macaulay’s website): In this role, she supports integration of pedagogically appropriate academic technology into Macaulay seminars and provides student and faculty support for digital project development. Lisa also oversees numerous experiential learning events at Macaulay, including co-directing the annual BioBlitz, IDEA Day, and […]

Let’s Appreciate History

In celebration of Black History Month, I figured it’d be fitting to write an appreciation post about history. But, rather than focusing on specifically black history, I’m here to make a case for history as a whole.“History” gets a bad rap because of what we’re accustomed to as students (assuming like me, you’re not a […]