All Quiet in the AL East

Historically speaking, many sports analysts will cite the American League East as Major League Baseball’s most competitive division. Such a notion is largely rooted in the presence of two perennial contenders: the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. It wasn’t too long ago when these clubs would routinely run away with the division, battling […]

2013 MLB World Series Preview

The 2013 MLB postseason has been nothing short of captivating. The playoffs have been characterized by walk-off hits, unlikely superstars, and late game heroics, allowing teams on the cusp of defeat to rise to victory. Two teams that have exemplified these qualities better than others are the two teams matching up in the World Series: […]

MLB Postseason Preview

For baseball fans, mid-September usually marks tight division races and teams battling for a postseason berth. Unlike previous years, many of the divisions have already been decided. After a weekend of sweeps by the Tampa Bay Rays over the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals over the Atlanta Braves, the wild card picture […]

MLB Season Guide

The 2011 MLB Season kicked off March 31 and the young season has already shown flashes of what may transpire. Pitching gems from aces and star prospects alike have given spectators artistry to marvel at. This year, the league is laden with young prospects eager to make a mark and superstar veterans seeking to cement […]