Maroon 5 is the Greatest Band Ever!!!

I know this post is supposed to be about one specific song, and that song shouldn’t be done in English or have any lyrics, but I’m doing this anyways. I feel as though it is important and still fulfills the task.

So, without further ado, please enjoy my innermost thoughts and emotions.

Maroon 5 is the greatest band ever. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. Hell, I may not even be here today had it not been for Maroon 5 saving my life so many times. They make every day brighter, as if I am never alone in what can be a very scary and selfish world. They let me know being scared is okay, and that everybody is human, so they have no right to let you believe you are any worse or better than them (it’s a real confidence booster too). They make me feel as though I deserve to be loved, that it is my God-given right to be loved by another person. I deserve love, and you do too. No matter how many mistakes you make, no matter how many times your heart is broken, no matter how many times you try to guard you heart from any other pain, no matter how many times you feel like it is all over, no matter how many times you feel like this is the last time you can ever screw up, they are there for me and let me know that there is hope to keep pushing. The emotions I can be afraid to express in public, this band has released for the world to hear, showing that you should be proud to feel different, not shun it away. It taught me how to respect and treat women, and that they should be my world. If they are happy, I am too. That is the way to real happiness: love for you and you loving another. That should consume your life no matter what, and trust them, everything else will fall into place eventually. However, you can do everything right and have everything wrong happen. Sometimes it is better to break, no matter how hard it may seem at that time. The happiest of times aren’t always the best of times for some, but that time will come for you soon enough. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but it will come. Even the best screw up, and we deserve to be ridiculed and punished for that, and it takes a true man to admit these mistakes, learn from them, and move on without ever forgetting what got you here in the first place. Nobody’s perfect, as cliche as that may sound, it’s true. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for a perfect relationship, as those can be perfect even with the biggest flaws and fights. As long as you are happy, and more importantly, they are happy (which makes you 1,000,000,000 times happier), it is perfect. You can’t be lazy, though. You have to fight for this love everyday as if your life is on the line, which it technically is. That person holds the key to the other half of your heart, so you should fight for it, but that’s just my opinion. Every time they leave, you shouldn’t be alright. You should feel, almost dead inside, as you should feel the need to never let go of that person, even if the sun crashes into you two, the last thing you should want to be doing before death is holding that person’s hand. But, like Maroon 5 constantly explains, these traits don’t just come to you. Nobody’s perfect, and we will have our ups and downs, but life is just a roller coaster anyways. Every up follows a down, and vice versa, but as long as you have that powerful, beautiful person standing next to you, these dips seem smaller each time. Now you, yes you, after all that hard work, adventure with each new date, still feeling more butterflies in your stomach each time, crying into your pillow each night, wondering if you will ever find that special someone, and even telling everyone at a young age that your main goal in life is to find love, can finally put that ring on her finger and cry into your pillow one more night, but this time, a smile as wide as you have ever seen stops those tears from falling down to your chin. Of course, a very beautiful thumb helps as well, especially when it comes from the most beautiful girl in the world, of course, always being there…always.

Getting back to the assignment, listening to Maroon 5 has given me a 360 degree view of the world. I can go anywhere from crying my eyes out because the world seems hopeless, to feeling anxious or nervous because you don’t know what to think of the world, to being happy and excited because you don’t know what to think of the world, to feeling confident and hopeful that love can come to anyone, especially you. I know that this is a very broad scope, but this is one reason why I love Maroon 5 so much. They literally have a song for every emotion known to man. I can possibly relate to it and find my own story in the music, or have no idea about the topic and see the song as a piece of advice to keep in the back of my head for future reference. As far as colors go, Maroon 5 can be a beautiful colorful rainbow that invites vibrancy and happiness to a dark whirlpool filled with depressing and hopeless thoughts that you never seem to escape. It can cause beautiful, bright blue tears that stream from your face as a release of pain and depression, or to exult happiness that after all that pain and suffering, you have achieved your dream. On the other hand, the tears may almost seem like a bloody red and purple, where they can provide a physical representation of your pain and suffering, and just as those tears fall slowly to the bottom of your cheek, so does your self confidence and hope for yourself die out and almost fall out of your body to the point where you become and feel like nothing in the world. The instruments amplify this point, as the piano and drums are sometimes played all alone and isolated, as to represent your isolation of feelings. Other times, one instrument can awaken you and give you hope that you too can rise and rejoin society just as that guitar in “She Will Be Loved” appears to suddenly melt into the other instruments.

I hope this post allows you to realize that one song may not change your viewpoint on something, but that an entire band can change your life, especially for the better. Thank you Maroon 5.

2 thoughts on “Maroon 5 is the Greatest Band Ever!!!”

  1. Also a fan of their most popular hits man. They are always catchy for road trips etc.

  2. It really “Makes Me Wonder” if you were in “Misery” before you heard their music and had that “Wake Up Call.” This post was definitely the “Lucky Strike.” I personally love them, especially “She Will Be Loved,” so reading your post was like reading all of my “Feelings” essentially. “This Love” for this band is mutual which is really why I enjoyed your post. I don’t have to tell you to “Give A Little More” because your post is as sweet as “Sugar.” I feel like “My Heart Is Open” as I read this post because of how much you want to “Love Somebody” which is so touching.

    I’m sorry about all those puns but I couldn’t resist. I genuinely feel like I know you much better from your simple liking of this band. I absolutely love them and I could relate to everything you mentioned in this post. I also noticed when you put Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo in your poem movies, so shout out to that. I think you do a fantastic job of describing how they really make you feel and I appreciate how much effort you put into expressing those feelings. Thank you for sharing this, I genuinely appreciate your post. I am never “Out Of Goodbyes” so here is my “Sweetest Goodbye.” Again, sorry for those puns but I had to do it!

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