Response to Anton’s Post

Hey Anton! I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your post and thought it was fascinating on how you see life from different perspectives. Before last year, the furthest I’ve ever been was Vermont, and here you are traveling the world before your own eyes. It’s amazing to gain all these perspectives, but I can see why it can be hard to fit into one group of people. It is really commendable to how you have accepted that you are different and you use that to your advantage rather than let it bring you down. It’s also great to see how hungry you are for more knowledge instead of being content with all the information you have gathered thus far. I agree with you that the Real is something that will always change as we learn more and more about what it truly means to grasp this concept, but I believe the Real can be impossible for some depending on their mindset. For me, I decided to let go of that and rather go for experiences, but even they can be out of your control, as shown by my post/novel. There’s a saying that goes something like “Though I don’t understand the meaning of love, I do not mind if I die trying” (That may or may not be a Maroon 5 reference). We may never understand that Real, but it’s okay if we die trying to achieve it because it is the journey that matters, as Justin so eloquently put it. I really hope you continue to learn more about the world and that it one day becomes your oyster, if it hasn’t already.

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