Unexplained Street Gallery

Thanks to a teacher with influence in the Staten Island Columbus Day Parade, a few students and I were able to obtain a fence to exhibit anything we wanted. So we asked a few of our well traveled friends to donate thier photography and artwork. We told them to give us work that would show us their fav places in the world that they wouldn’t want to ever loose. The variety was shocking.

Here are some of the contributors:

ArtWorking from Change for Climate on Vimeo.

Early in the morn, we set up. We posted the work randomly as randomly and vaguely as possibly, using a bit of yarn to connect all the pieces. Then we waited for the crowd.

Heres a timeline:

All the confused paraders arrived and stared and then they were bound to ask “what the hell is this”? that when we seized the chance to tell them about climate change. Further explaining how some of our most loved places on the earth could easily diminish. Then we propose they buy some of the art work and the money can go toward protecting acres of forestland from being removed. After a good day’s work and earning enough cash to save 13 acres, I ended with a mango eating contest (without pealing). Despite being such an avid mango enthusiast, I lost.

Septopus Stuffed Doll Proposal

One of my Chinese friends is always carrying around these dolls/phone holders from one of his cartoon shows. Called Domo:

Can the Septopus Do This?

It reminds me of the Macaulay Septopus, so I was wondering if I made one, would Macaulay like to endorse it. The profits can go to a good cause and all of us could have our mascot as a toy for our rooms. It would look a little like this:

And be Very Very soft of course.
I guess I should just make one and let the doll do the talking and cuddling

Random Archness

Heres a Taste of My Architecture Projects (from this year)

I have to make new models almost every week, so more of these ar definitely coming.

Work From When I Was Slightly Younger

I started creating visual art knowingly in the eleventh grade.This is a bunch of my newbie work (categorized by medium), some of my crappiest.
Sketches (Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Graphite and More)

Linoleum Prints

Watercolor and Acrylic Paintings

One Of My Fav Mediums Is the Result of Mixed Mediums

Earliest Architectural Work and Sculptures

A Whole Lot More Is Coming!!

Touching Antarctica (Argentina too)

Right after the UN extravaganza, the awesomeness of the year didn’t end. Thanks to Students on Ice (SOI), I received a scholarship to partake in one epic expedition through the southern tip of Argentina and then to the Antarctic peninsula via ship. My life isn’t over but I feel like I can categorize this trip as the most epic of my time on earth. here are just a few of the hundred of photos from the 2 week expedition.

The 2 Day Flight and Ushuaia, Argentina (Tierra Del Fuego)

Antarctic Peninsula (Elephant Island, Danko Island, Whaler’s Bay, and More)

Lot of love for SOI and their sponsor such a once in lifetime experience!

Finding Daylight

“Combine three or more forms of art in one piece,” said Arts in NYC Professor ,Brandon Judell, to the students groups of 5. We had about 3 weeks to make this piece, but we only used a day of it. The video we made is pretty self-explanatory.

In the group I helped pick the song, purchase the supplies, set up, choreograph a very tiny portion of the routing, perform of course, and clean up the big mess (Although Cassandra did most of the work as the credits indicate). If you look at the comments on the youtube you can see the artist, Matt & Kim, one of my favorites, has seen and replied to the video.

“I bet cleaning up was similar to us cleaning up after the Yea Yeah video! Love the behind the scenes at the end.  Big hugs kim”
mattandkim 1 month ago 2

UN Summit on Climate Change (2009)

After a little bit of paperwork and a few meetings later, I was luckily chosen along with 3 other high school students, to speak at the 2009 UN Summit on Climate held right here in the NYC UN Building.

With little knowledge I contributed to writing of the almost 5 minute speech and making of the slideshow that accompanied the speech. It was one of my first public speeches, so the UNICEF organizers had to train me the most of the 4 and I received a great deal of help form the other students, now great friends.

Not only did I have the amazing chance to speak to the world’s presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, and other leader, I also was able to give the UN delegates at the conference a short letter discussing why combating Climate Change matters to me, specifically.

Folded card with text inside

Click to see primary UN source

The work wasn’t done yet, a few more students were selected to speak to the spouses of the UN delegates, mainly wives, regarding climate change education, and collaborating was key. After spending close to two weeks in entirety with fellow New Yorkers and high school students, it seemed like I had known them for years. The following are some of our typical teenage shenanigans, after the serious work was done of course.

Jewish Art Made by a Christian

Judell Back in the Day

It’s My Turn:
So for some time my professor, Brandon Judell, has been discretely taking photos of student from out Arts in NYC Class and then using the silly photo alteration effects in iPhoto I presume. Then he posts it on his blog for everyone to ridicule. So this is revenge. Also we have been discussing labeling the ethnicity of artwork by its creator and content. So that where the title comes from. I am the Christian and he is the Jew.

Todays Shuffle Results:

need indestructible ones

All the Headphones I Have Broken This Year

1. Short Skirt, Long Jacket – Cake

2. Little Secrets – Passion Pit

3. Yeah Yeah – Matt & Kim

4. Pump It – Black Eyed Peas

5. Million Pieces – Newsboys

6. Out Of Space – The Prodigy

7. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

8. New Slang – The Shins

9. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend

10. Flashing Lights – Kanye West

This does, in now way shows my true complete music preferences; I like listening to lots of things and am open to suggestions!

What Might Be Coming Up Here:

Get Ready

I want to make this page a portfolio of not only my visual art but of other creations and involvements as well. I will try to make all the content as original as possible, including the background, videos, photos, etc. It’s self centered yes, but what else is a portfolio supposed to be. Here are some possible segments to expect from this eportfolio:
1.Exhibits (my work created and revealed each month, if im proud of it, also available for sale)
3. fun Photos (pretty much of things i find amusing)
4. Jokes (written and somehow presented by me, through videos, audio, pictures, and maybe animation)
5. Short Films (whenever I finish making them)
6. Random Lists that tell you more about me (list of foods i hate, things i dont know, awkward moments in life, and other crazy miscellaneous things)
7. Texts from my phone/ FML (me version of texts from last night)
8. Excerpts from my journal (if its worth posting)
9. Discoveries/Observations (i’ll try to make them interesting)
10. Updates on Mua (like twitter, I have twitter btw: http://twitter.com/Flaming_GO)
11. Music Likes, new songs I find
12. Any more that people suggest or I think of.

The Text is Where its AT

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