UN Summit on Climate Change (2009)

After a little bit of paperwork and a few meetings later, I was luckily chosen along with 3 other high school students, to speak at the 2009 UN Summit on Climate held right here in the NYC UN Building.

With little knowledge I contributed to writing of the almost 5 minute speech and making of the slideshow that accompanied the speech. It was one of my first public speeches, so the UNICEF organizers had to train me the most of the 4 and I received a great deal of help form the other students, now great friends.

Not only did I have the amazing chance to speak to the world’s presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, and other leader, I also was able to give the UN delegates at the conference a short letter discussing why combating Climate Change matters to me, specifically.

Folded card with text inside

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The work wasn’t done yet, a few more students were selected to speak to the spouses of the UN delegates, mainly wives, regarding climate change education, and collaborating was key. After spending close to two weeks in entirety with fellow New Yorkers and high school students, it seemed like I had known them for years. The following are some of our typical teenage shenanigans, after the serious work was done of course.

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