The Teaching & Learning Collaboratory is the center for cutting-edge, high-impact pedagogy at The Macaulay Honors College. Our TLC fellows and postdocs work with faculty and students across our eight campuses to support innovative teaching, research, and projects.

Upcoming Events

We run a series of workshops and TLC Talks on topics involving pedagogy and technology for students, faculty, and the CUNY Community. We hope to see you soon!

  • Seminar 1 Planning Meeting
    June 21, 2024
    At this Zoom-based meeting, Seminar 1 and 3 faculty will get together to discuss syllabi, assignments, and general planning. We will also discuss the services that the TLC offers, including website support, in-class workshops, and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Seminar 1 & 3 Pre-Semester Meeting
    August 14, 2024
    Faculty and the TLC will get together at the Macaulay building to share expertise and questions. Details about Fall Common Events, honoraria, and ticket purchases will be shared. Lunch provided.

Our Work

Common Events

Experiential learning is at the center of Macaulay’s signature Common Events, where our students experience New York City as their classroom. The TLC integrates innovative pedagogy and technology to provide students with a uniquely Macaulay experience.

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ePortfolios is our platform for inventive student projects and course websites. Forming a key part of the Macaulay experience since 2008, there are thousands of public ePortfolios as of Spring 2024.

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As scholars of pedagogy and technology, TLC fellows offer extensive support to students and faculty, especially those who are new to teaching at Macaulay.

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Strategic Plan

The TLC supports Macaulay’s strategic plan by creating high-impact educational experiences for all of our students—at Macaulay Central, on their home campuses, and throughout New York City.

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