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Our Work

We work with Macaulay faculty and students, while contributing to the larger teaching & learning community.

We work with faculty at Macaulay campuses on designing the Macaulay Seminars they teach (including Arts in New York City, People of New York City, Science Forward, and Shaping the Future of New York City)


We work with students on their research and projects, helping them learn digital tools and scaffold larger projects.


As an interdisciplinary group of scholars, we actively think about and research the intersections between technology and pedagogy, engage with the scholarship of teaching & learning, and bridge our disciplinary expertise with critical pedagogies.

Experiential learning

We organize experiential learning events that allow students to practice in the field what they are learning in the classroom. These events include STEAMfest, SPACE, BioBlitz, and the Futures of New York conference.

“The educator has the duty of not being neutral.” - Paulo Freire

Teaching, learning & technology at Macaulay and Beyond


Some of our latest work with faculty and students.
Halal Cart Cooks
What makes Halal Carts so interesting? Is the food just too good to pass up? Is it that special “white sauce” that’s given with each and every meal? Well, that’s why we decided to venture out into the city and discover the truth behind these not so mundane halal carts! Check out the rest of our website to see what we discovered!
Contested New York
This is the hub for a collection of digital projects that focus on several key points of socio-economic conflict, struggle, and tension in New York City from the post World War II period to the present. Come explore our projects.
Storefront Survivors
This website is the result of a unique research project undertaken by first year Macaulay Honors students under the supervision of Mike Owen Benediktsson, Marnie Brady, Caroline Loomis, and Tommy Wu. The interviews, images, and research collected here were collected entirely by students, as part of their coursework.

"Far too much work in educational technology starts with tools, when what we need to start with is humans" - Sean Micheal Morris & Jesse Stommel

Teaching Tips

Some brief resources, reflections, and guidance from TLC Fellows.