ePortfolios are an integral part of the Macaulay experience, from orientation, where we guide students in setting up their own accounts, through to their final capstone projects in senior year. Built using WordPress, our ePortfolios are both user-friendly and highly versatile, being used for innovative projects, course websites, and the very page you’re on now.

Since their inception in 2008, over 4,500 public ePortfolios have been created. On this page, we highlight just a few that have been created over the years. To see more, visit ePortfolios@Macaulay.

Pilgrimage Culture

For this upper-level seminar, students explored the diversity of pilgrimage experiences, from the religious to the secular. Based on their research, students put together this site, a public-facing Open Educational Resource (OER) that focuses on six pilgrimage journeys and destinations:

  • Christopher McCandless’s sojourn in Alaska
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • 88 Circuit: Japan’s Shikoku Pilgrimage
  • The gravesites of William Shakespeare, Vincent & Theo Van Gogh, and Oscar Wilde
  • Protest as pilgrimage in Buenos Aires
  • Burning Man

WHO: Students in Pilgrimage Culture, Prof. Karen Shelby’s Spring 2024 upper-level seminar
WHAT: Student-built OER about a diverse selection of pilgrimage experiences
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Storefront Survivors

WHO: Seminar 2 students at Hunter College Macaulay
WHAT: A public-facing, multi-year research project
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This multi-year Seminar 2 project highlights students’ original research on the owners and operators of small businesses throughout New York City. From the site:

Small, independently owned storefront businesses are the cornerstone of a vibrant urban landscape. […] Students gathered oral histories, over 110 in total, that ranged in length from 20 minutes to well over 2 hours. […] After interviewing business owners, students used a variety of archival sources to research the history of the block, the street, or the neighborhood in which the business is located, drawing links between specific people and places of consumption with the larger narratives of social, political, and economic change in which they are embedded.

Alanna’s Art Studio

In addition to being used for classes, ePortfolio is also used by students as a platform to share their creative work. One site that exemplifies this is Alanna’s Art Studio, by Alanna Kroening ’23, Brooklyn. Here, Alanna shares her artwork in a variety of media, including everything from animation to sculpture.

WHO: Alanna Kroening, ’23
WHAT: Virtual art portfolio
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The Macaulay Messenger

WHO: Students from across the Macaulay ecosystem
WHAT: The college’s official student newspaper
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In operation since 2011, The Macaulay Messenger is the College’s official student newspaper and news site, created, written, and edited by Macaulay students.