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Separation and the Lack Thereof

The ultimate marker of the fundamentalist mindset, as described by Strozier et al. in their eponymous collection, is the “radical dualism” that permeates both the individual and group consciousness.  Certainly, the Manichean tendency of polarizing reality as good or evil … Continue reading

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I’ve read your posts twice and am delighted to see that there are enough conflicting positions among them to suggest that we can have a lively debate about both the novel and the essays. So, let’s plan on that for … Continue reading

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Intellectual Elitism and the Loss of “Common Sense”

“Given its protean and elusive nature, a simple definition of Fundamentalism risks being too simple-minded. The movement of those we call fundamentalists is too new historically for there to be a clear and agreed upon definition. In fact, we argue … Continue reading

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The Fundamentalization of Pop Culture

I’d love to be able to come here and tell you guys that I loved reading Glorious Appearing – that, and that the essays read in The Fundamentalist Mindset were intriguing.  perhaps my language isn’t fair – I did enjoy … Continue reading

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Even in the End, War is the way to go.

The plot of a Glorious Appearing follows the events of the book of Revelation step by step; including seven years of tribulation, the battle of Christ vs. Antichrist, and Lucifer’s 1000-year grace period before the final battle. What I found … Continue reading

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