Museum of Art and Design- New Territories

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I have been interning at the Museum of Art and Design in Columbus Circle since the summer of 2013. On November 3rd,  there was an opening reception for their new exhibit New Territories. This was an exhibit focused on Latin American artist  and explores a number of key ideas such as upcycling, blending digital and traditional works and the reclamation of personal and public spaces.

Since it was the opening reception, it was full of not only the artists that had created these wonderful pieces but other people who have a big role in the art community. Since all of the artists were Latin Americans, some of them did not speak English but since I speak Spanish it was a nice way to connect myself to the artist and differentiate myself from the masses.

I was also with the other interns so it wasn’t intimidating, especially because i’ve been interning for a while now, I already know most of the employees there and the security guards so I actually felt quite confident in comparison to the other guests even if I wasn’t necessarily one of the “important” guests. It was a nice experience to have since a I got to see a lot of pieces in real life that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see.