You were assigned Frank O’Hara and J.G. Ballard readings that collectively present either a utopian or dystopian view of New York City, or a city very much like it. Reflect on the text(s) by including a multimedia element in your post that interacts with or draws out an aspect of its subject matter, themes, or specific locations. Think about audio, video, imagery, interactive apps, film clips, or another piece of media. (Inclusion of this piece of media is mandatory.)

As the texts relate directly to NYC or a NYC-like city, consider using audio/video/apps/sound in the following ways (just as examples): using Google Earth to screenshot locations (or include a link to Google Earth’s view of locations) mentioned explicitly by O’Hara, and talk about the difference between your impression of its present-day status and O’Hara’s nostalgic view; including a link to music that relates in some way to the grandeur of O’Hara’s depicted metropolis or the claustrophobia of Ballard’s (The Ramones? Suicide (the band)? Television? Patti Smith?); a link to a film scene that reacts or interacts in some way with the texts and their almost unreal portrayal of city customs and locations (Minority ReportThe MatrixBladerunner?); images of the paintings and artworks O’Hara mentions and how the real-life version interacts with the themes in O’Hara’s poem; or, another media element that you find raises compelling overlaps/contrasts. Think creatively.

You must also comment on two other students’ projects. Please do your best to upload by Tuesday, Oct. 24, so that you each have time to view others’ projects, and to comment as needed.

You will be presenting your own project in front of the class (nothing painstakingly formal, but I’ll project your post and you can walk us through it), so please re-familiarize yourself with your thoughts before class.

As a reminder, the Frank O’Hara/J.G. Ballard texts (included in your course pack — except you’ll need to consult the digital version of “Having a Coke”) are as follows:
Frank O’Hara“Having a Coke with You” (view on full-screen to see proper line breaks)

“A Step Away From Them”
“Personal Poem”

J.G. Ballard: “Billennium”