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About the Project

The Manhattan grid is an integral part of the identity of New York City and I chose to focus on the history of this massive construction to further understand the city I live in. My interest was to explore the history of Manhattan and through research, I learned about the origins of the name “Manhattan” and about the people who lived on the island way before European arrival. What was interesting about the research process was coming across the “Mannahatta Project,” which was developed by landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson and introduced me to the further history of the island of Manhattan. The project recreated the Manhattan of 1609 with its many hills, valleys, and streams. The model is an important part of my project because it showcases the evolution of Manhattan over the years supports the idea of the Manhattan grid being a work of art within the city.

Introduction Slide



Before and after picture of Manhattan – Manhattan in 1609 vs. present day


Commissioners Map of Manhattan – Grid System Display


               Time Lapse Video – Manhattan from 2016 back to 1811