When walking into museum, we observe the work of prodigies who have spent their lives dedicated to creating the art showcased. However, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and see forms of art by those who don’t intend it to showcase their work in that manner. For example, in the MET museum there is an exhibition going on depicting the use of pictures taken by phones, and creating them into a conversation. Because technology has become such an integrated aspect of our contemporary lives, I thought it would be interesting to mimic this exhibition within the classroom.

What inspired me most about the idea of conversations with just our phone camera, is that it portrays the concept that art does not have to be planned or worked on for years before in order to be a masterpiece.

I aimed to show how art does not have to be planned or perfectly created. It can be in the rush of the moment, yet still intend to connect people with different artistic intentions.