An Italian Clam House – Diana

2356 Arthur Avenue, Little Italy, the Bronx. This is the current address of the one of the best-known Italian seafood restaurants, Umbertos Clam House. Its ‘world famous’ Linguine and Clams as well as its Home Made Lobster Ravioli have brought costumers from everywhere for almost 40 years.

In the year 1972, Umberto Ianniello, who was only 35 years old at the time, opened a restaurant on Mulberry Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy. History states that only two months after its grand opening, one of New York’s most infamous gangsters, Joe Gallo, was shot and killed at the restaurant. But this has not been the restaurant’s only “drama.” In the late 80s, the federal government began to oversee financial operations believing that the business was avoiding the payment of taxes. In 1994, the government ceded control of the restaurant back to Umberto. However, due to the lack of funds, in 1996 the restaurant was closed and the building sold.

In 2000, Umbertos Clam House opened once again, except this time in the Bronx. Since opening, the restaurant runs twelve-hour days (11 am- 11pm) seven days a week. The new building brought back every classic aspect that the original restaurant possessed before closing, with a modern twist. It came back with a bang. Every person that eats at the restaurant says that it is the best restaurant on Arthur Avenue. The friendly atmosphere, small bar and wide variety of Italian dishes allows the diner to feel as if they are dinning in Italy.

Throughout its existence, Umbertos Clam House has been a cultural hub for Italians. Although it has not been in the Bronx for long, many Italians in New York City gather at this place. Italians from all over the boroughs come to this place to have a taste of their ‘grandmother’s cooking’ as one review on said. But it is not only a hub for Italians. It has become a perfect place where people desiring to get a taste of seafood that remind them of their country can dine. Not only does it provide food with a home-made taste, but the atmosphere ‘brings you back’ to the home country.

There are new and old customers (some for more than 30 years) alike every day. Recent reviews Umbertos is excellent. One of the reviews on read, There is not a negative thing I can say about this place. I love the atmosphere, great crowd of locals and visitors alike, and some of the best food in all of New York. What is even better is how inexpensive this place is, I still can’t believe how cheap their prices are for such incredible food!