Northeast Kingdom

Located along the L line on 18 Wyckoff Ave, Northeast Kingdom is the perfect place to go for a cozy date night or a daytime brunch.

It is a one story building that stands out amongst all the warehouses and factories in Bushwick, potted evergreen plants marking its front entrance. Though “Bushwick” is derived from the Dutch for “little town in the woods”, the last thing one would expect is a New England style, log cabin,deer camp on its post industrial street.

I decided to stop by Northeast Kingdom after reading some really great reviews online. I immediately got the homey feel all the reviews were raving about- the cheerful atmosphere radiated off of everything- from the modest polished wood decor to the old time folk music, the place felt relaxed and calm.

Vintage wallpaper decorates a corner of the wall to wood dining room and the kitchen is separated by stained glass windows with mismatched panes. There is also a very nice bar which was crowded with couples and singles alike, enjoying a wide variety of drinks.

Initially I had no intention of eating at Northeast Kingdom but after after commuting and loving the amazing decor I decided I might as well give something a try.

Their menu is American Nouveau, emphasizing fresh seasonal ingredients from local markets so it changes accordingly. I was overwhelmed at the amazing options so I asked the waiter what he recommended and he said the chicken pot pie was one of their signature dishes.

Made with organic meat stewed with peas, carrots and thyme and covered by a thick, flaky crust, the $12 dollar pie certainly lived up to its price range and was absolutely satisfying. The service was excellent- the waiting time for food was modest and the waiter was very engaging and friendly.

Although I didn’t try these, the waiter also recommended their special seasonal salad as well as their macaroni and cheese. Despite the high prices, the food is worth it because of its fresh and comforting taste.

Only established in the fall of 2005 by Paris Smeraldo and his wife Meg Lipke, Northeast Kingdom truly captures their  native Vermont background and brings a sense of the nature feel to an otherwise urban setting. Whenever you’re in the Bushwick are, it is definitely recommended that you stop by this great restaurant to enjoy some comfort food and cozy atmosphere.