Cositas Ricas

Cositas Ricas is one of the best-known Colombian restaurants in Jackson heights. It’s the most popular one that has many people going there to try amazing Columbian food. This place gives you the most authentic feel of Colombian food and its people. They serve bandeja de paisa, which is one of Colombias national dish, which taste amazing and I’ve had multiple times that I’ve been there. They also have a pastries section, where they sell some of the most popular Colombian pastries like bunuelos, which are my favorite. They top it of with their smoothie type drink, cholado, which also tastes amazing, made from fruit juice, condensed milk and whip cream at the top. Cositas Ricas gives you the best experience of Colombian food as the restaurant atmosphere makes you feel like you are there.

When you walk into the restaurant you see the pastries that are behind the counter, then you see all the people eating big plates full of food and if that doesn’t impress you, you still have the beautiful Colombian waitresses that will serve you. There are always many people in there, always loud with music playing just like it would be in Colombia. The variety of dishes that you can have there are many, all authentic Colombian dishes. You can try all their meat and chicken dishes, which will come accompanied by many things on the side. You will have arepas, which are like a Mexican tortillas, but thicker. Arepas are one of Colombias most known foods. You will also have rice and beans, avocado, fried eggs and patacones, which are fried plantains. After eating all of this you still have to have room to eat dessert by the time you leave the restaurant you will be very full. You will never leave a Colombian restaurant not being full as they serve you big plates with many things on it.

The Colombian population first arrived in the 1970’s to Jackson heights and from there on it has grown to be one of the biggest population of Colombians in the United States. Cositas Ricas represents this big population and it also provides a place for Colombians to feel like they are home when they eat there.  It’s always filled with people from different places and as Cositas Ricas has become more popular, more tourist have been going there to try authentic Spanish food.  Since mostly everyone that is there speaks Spanish almost no one is speaking English there. All the waiters will speak in Spanish and all the other people that work there as well. It gives the restaurant a true feeling of Colombia by not speaking English it really allows all the people there to feel like they are back home in their home countries.