Roberta’s is a small Italian restaurant off of the Morgan Avenue stop on the L Train in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A friend of my mother’s, a food critic from Boston, recently took us here for dinner and for her own article’s research. She had heard about Roberta’s through her links to the food world and decided to share her knowledge with us happy eaters. So, we ventured to the heart of Bushwick: to 261 Moore Street, a refurbished garage turned gourmet pizzeria.

There menu is as impressive as their quaint setting. Not merely a pizzeria, Roberta’s houses many Italian specialties including chicken and meat dishes, risotto,  and my favorite entry on the list: pickled pig’s tongue.


With community tables in such a local spot, Roberta’s truly feels like neighborhood place. We had a long and extremely filling dinner, leaving with no room left for dessert. I regret this as the people at the table next to us were eating some eye-appetizing gelato as we were leaving.

The trip down the quiet side streets of Bushwick is well worth the experience of Roberta’s equally as quiet dining. It is reached conveniently by the L train from Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and bus lines that run within Brooklyn and Queens.

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by Daphne Rickards