Marauders Snatch First Annual Knight’s Cup

The Marauders Quidditch Team took home the trophy for Knight’s Cup held at Rutgers University on March 8, after winning two out of two matches and obtaining the highest scores.

“The team needed some validation before World Cup and this was the perfect way to get it,” said Seeker Andrew Zagelbaum. “Our team worked so hard for the entire season that we were due for our first tournament win.”

Macaulay Marauders After Winning Knight's Cup
Macaulay Marauders after winning Knight’s Cup

In the first match—against the University of New Haven—Macaulay snatched the win, earning 150 points to New Haven’s 10. Zagelbaum finished this match with a snitch catch.

“We ended up making it to the finals only to face one of our oldest rivals, Hofstra. Macaulay has been living in Hofstra’s shadow for the past two years, and this was the perfect opportunity to prove that we’re finally on their level,” said Zagelbaum.

The second match against Hofstra University proved just as fruitful as team members had hoped. Marauders ended the game with a score of 80-60, also with a snitch grab from Zagelbaum.

“Watching the game from the sideline as a seeker is always rough because you feel so helpless,” said Zagelbaum. “There’s nothing you can do until the snitch comes back and you just have to hope that you make the grab.”

During the second match, tensions were high as the snitch came back and the Marauders were down by 20 points. This meant that the snitch catch, which would earn them thirty points, would mean not only winning the game, but the entire tournament.

“I don’t think I’ve ever fought harder in my life for a snitch,” said Zagelbaum. “When I finally made the pull and everything went quiet; it’s impossible to put that moment into words.”

Pools for Quidditch Teams at the upcoming World Cup
Pools for Quidditch Teams at the upcoming World Cup

After the competitive and successful playing exemplified at Knight’s Cup, Marauders were pushed up to team 45 in the rankings and the third out of five pools for World Cup on April 12.

“The last tournament the team went to before World Cup and we took home a trophy,” said Zagelbaum. “It couldn’t have happened more impressively, and I wouldn’t underrate our teams against the elite squads like Miami and Texas, which we are playing on Day 1.”

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