The Students of Color Reception Brings Freshmen Together

Hosted by Macaulay’s Diversity Initiative on September 19th, the 2014 Students of Color Welcome Reception sought to bring together students of different races. The reception was held in the basement of the Macaulay Honors College building, and it was very informal, with people coming in and leaving whenever they wished. There were comfortable lounge chairs and small tables for groups, and a snack bar with a multitude of chips, dips, and other light refreshments.

Photo courtesy of (CC0 Public Domain)
Photo courtesy of
(CC0 Public Domain)

It was a night to meet new people and introduce old friends. There were several other Macaulay club meetings—one for the Gastronomy Club and a hip-hop workshop sponsored by the Dance Club—occurring at the same time, so I decided to split my time between all these events. I first attended the reception where I met up with some of my friends from Macaulay at Hunter. After meeting some students from John Jay, I made my way to the crowded Gastronomy Club meeting with some other people. After that, I met up with the people from John Jay again and introduced myself to a student from City College during the dance workshop. Although it was a night of constant running around, it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of cool people who are in the same program as me.

The Color Reception was held to connect the students from the different CUNY campuses. Besides providing alumni networking opportunities to the freshmen, it connected students of similar interests and backgrounds. All these events held on the same night brought the new students of the Macaulay Honors College together. Overall, it was an exciting night for  new students, like myself, looking to make some lifelong friends at the establishment which we will call home for the next four years.

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