Selections from Humans of Macaulay: Part 1

Last month, a group of freshman students (Mitasha Palha, Lehman ’18; Jemema Joya, Lehman ’18; and Udara Mendis, City ’18) launched Humans of Macaulay. They already have more than 400 likes on their Facebook page, so they’re off to a great start!

The Macaulay Messenger is excited to collaborate with them by featuring three of their posts on our website for each of our monthly deadlines.

If you have any questions/suggestions/comments, feel free to email them at


Name: Geoffrey Mercene

Class: Senior

Campus: Brooklyn College

Major: Health and Nutrition Science

“My friends would tell me that I think a lot. That I think of so many questions about our issues, even in New York City.”

“So you’re taking the subway and you’re thinking about these issues?”

“Yeah it’s weird too because everyone around me are on their phones doing something or chatting and I’m just there sitting down and thinking about the issues around me and Global Brigades. How do I figure this out? What can I do? What are the solutions? And that’s how Global Brigades has challenged me to find solutions. Does it work? Is it sustainable? I guess that’s the challenge of health policies and why I want to go into it.”


Name: Patrick Yoo

Class: Junior

Campus: Brooklyn College

Major: Anthropology

“I go to this church called 180 Church. We have service in an AMC Loews theater on 19th street right next to Union Square. We have a good number. We have 60 people coming in on a weekly basis.

They hope for me to pioneer their mission’s ministry. I’m like that’s a lot of pressure. It’s exciting because we have a lot of doctors and medical students now in the church community that share similar interests.”


Name: Nastassia Shcherbutsevich

Class: Junior

Campus: Baruch College

Major: Accounting

“I have this experience I’m really hung up on. I went to Germany in the summer of 2014. That was my study abroad experience. It was just the most eye-opening thing that I have ever done. I went to Munich for a week and did a tour of the area and the castles there and that was really awesome.

I studied in Berlin and that was the first time I was away from my family. I was doing a home-stay so I was living with a lady so I wasn’t completely alone, but it was a really big transition for me. It was the first time in my life that I felt really independent. Yet, I was still able to stay responsible. So, I ended up feeling really proud and happy for myself.”

All photos courtesy of Humans of Macaulay

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