So here’s the deal, kid…

This month, we asked Macaulay seniors to submit a couple of sentences that they would tell themselves before they started college knowing all that they know now.

Thank you to everyone for their honest and thought-provoking responses. We wish all of the seniors the best of luck in the next chapter of their lives! 🙂


“Worry less. Do more.”

Slavena Salve Nissan, Hunter College

“Be open to new opportunities and responsibilities, but remember to enjoy the city as well. And write! Always write!”

Chrisinda Lynch, City College

“Find a professor you want to work with closely over the next four years and get to know them right away. Don’t be afraid of taking more quantitative/math courses, and as important as studying is, go out and enjoy the city more, especially during freshman and sophomore year!”

Hunter Gross, Hunter College

“Don’t stress yourself out. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to!”

Rebecca Wojsnis, Queens College

“Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.”

Virginia Milieris, Hunter College

“Don’t care so much what others think of you, and don’t put yourself down by putting others on a pedestal.”

Rossana Cruciata, College of Staten Island

“I would have told myself to get my priorities straight and find a concrete goal to pursue. Waiting for something to happen never got anyone anywhere.”

Tomasz Wasik, Hunter College

“These years to come are going to show you things about yourself that you never knew, as well as make you proud of who you are and your individuality. Brace yourself, for the journey that is about to come, God-willing, may be the most rewarding journey you will ever partake in.”

Linda Kallash, City College

“The advice I would give to my younger self would be to be fearless and outgoing. Do not be afraid of trying new things and taking full advantage of all opportunities: academic, professional, or social. Take some risks and put yourself out there to network and make friends.”

Kaitlyn Barry, Hunter College

“I would tell myself to make friends immediately with upperclassmen and to join clubs. Upperclassmen are a great resource to have when struggling in a class, and clubs help you network while making friends!”

Juliet Prieto, Hunter College 

“Don’t be afraid to go outside of the interests you’ve delineated for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Go do experiences that you think you’ll like, but if you end up hating them, don’t think of them as a waste of time. You’re learning about what you don’t want to do, as well as what you actually do want to do.”

Simon Ayzman, Hunter College

“Work hard. Work really hard, but don’t forget to spend time with people who really matter to you.”

Derek Ku, Baruch College

“The better part of humility is first accepting every part of who you are—whether good or bad.”

Sohail Sakkari, Hunter College

“I know a lot of people are trying to get out and move on as fast as possible, but don’t rush through your undergraduate education. Now’s pretty much the only time you get to explore and learn, not just what career you want but who you are.”

Sara Babad, Brooklyn College

“If that position was easy to get, then you should look for something else. You would rather work on something you’re under-qualified for than something you’re over-qualified for.”

David Musheyev, Hunter College

“Keep in mind that college is very different from high school.”

Michael Bavalsky, Brooklyn College

“I would tell myself to speak to more junior and senior students at Macaulay and find out what opportunities they’ve taken advantage of, because there are so many things I found out about in my junior/senior year that I wish I knew earlier!”

Rita Kirzhner, Hunter College

“You’ll do okay but telling you anything will… Don’t mess up the timeline, disregard this message.”

 Lucas Vizeu-Quintana, Lehman College


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