Selections from Humans of Macaulay: Part 3

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Name: Adam Hobbins

Class: Freshman

Campus: Hunter

Major: Undecided

“I really like film and the production aspects of it. I’m a member of Pied (Macaulay Filmmakers Club).”

“Have you produced any films yet?”

“Through them, yeah. I have assisted directed a bunch of their films. It was a lot of fun. At the beginning of last semester, if you asked me what an assistant director does, I would say I have no idea.”

“So what do you do?”

“So basically, you are responsible for keeping people on track and on schedule. The joke is that the assistant director is the one who actually does things. So if the director says, ‘I want to see this,’ the assistant director thinks about how to make it happen. Your responsibility is to do all of the little things. You are always standing there with the script, the schedule, the shot list, and you’re like, ‘Okay, we did this and that, but before you move the camera, you didn’t do this shot,’ and they say, ‘Oh, thank you. We would’ve forgotten it.’ Then, you’re like ‘Yeah, that’s my job.’”


Name: Heather McCallum

Class: Senior

Campus: Brooklyn

Major: Teratology (CUNY BA)

“I grew up on a basis of horror novels. One of the first books I had, when I was about eight, was an unabridged copy of Dracula. [Now] I’m working on a comic book and I’ll have that published in about October.”

“About what?”

“It’s a post-apocalyptic nuclear society, primarily dealing with loss and guilt, but I also look into disadvantaged minority groups and how the shifting society reframes these people or uses them. So the tier-structure of hierarchy of society and oppression.”

“So what is it in particular about these monsters that intrigue you?”

“I think it’s a lot to do with what our psychological urge is to create monsters and our interest in monster stories. I went into college hoping to become a neurosurgeon, but you can’t take the monster out of me.”


Name: Rick Mathews

Class: Sophomore

Campus: City

Major: Biomedical Engineering

“This winter I went to [Gujarat] India to teach. It changed my thinking in the sense that it became very clear to me that educational standards are globalizing. I was teaching in India and I saw SAT prep signs as opposed to signs for traditional Indian college entrance exams. Standards are globalizing and that means there’s going to be a push towards changing the education being given to the students.”

“Was there a moment that really touched you during your time in India?”

“So my class was over, the bell had rung, and I had just finished teaching an algebra lesson. I like to give my students a little more just to keep them thirsty for knowledge. And the other teacher had come in and my students were going, ‘Oh wait, come back, explain that concept.’ As opposed to here [in America], when the bell rings and everyone has the, ‘I’m getting out of here,’ look. There’s such a difference between students who really, really want to learn and respect you as opposed to over here, where people don’t really respect teachers as much as they should.”

All photos courtesy of Humans of Macaulay.

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