Baruch College, One of “Top 25 Schools for Entrepreneurship”

2016 Top Schools for Entrepreneurship: Graduate  Young man on stairs with Undergrad banner

Baruch College was ranked 6th on the 2016 Top Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship list by The Princeton Review. This is the eighth consecutive year that Baruch was included in either or both undergraduate and graduate lists.  The Zicklin Graduate School of Business was ranked 9th on the Graduate list.

Between May and August of 2015, The Princeton Review company in conjunction with Entrepreneur magazine surveyed over 300 undergraduate and graduate business schools.  The company then narrowed the results to the “Top 25 Schools for Entrepreneurship,” one of which was Baruch College.

After the 2015 list was published, Dr. H Fenwick Huss, Willem Kooyker, the Dean of the Zicklin School of Business, released the following statement: “We’re very proud to be recognized for our entrepreneurship programs, which are a key element of our commitment to provide academically rigorous business education that is both world-class in quality and reputation and worldwide in its impact.”

The Princeton Review Survey used both qualitative and quantitative data when ranking the 300 colleges.  Various academic requirements were factored into the rankings: the availability of internship and externship programs, major, minor, courses offered, experiential and cooperative learning, and consulting opportunities for small-business owners.

The total number of students enrolled in the academic entrepreneurship course was then compared to the total student body during the 2014–15 academic year.  With regards to faculty, the schools were asked percentage of the entrepreneurship faculty that had started, bought or run a business and the number of faculty members teaching entrepreneurship courses. The last factor was outside of the academic realm.  The schools were the asked for the number of externships available, school business plans, and officially recognized clubs and organizations for entrepreneurship students.  The institutions also disclosed the number of companies started by graduates over the last 5 and 10 years, how many of those companies are still in business and how much funding those businesses have raised. These components were then sorted on a weighted scale and compared between United States schools.  Each school was then ranked accordingly.

Junior Julianna Davis was not surprised to learn that Baruch was listed among the top programs in entrepreneurship.  She stated, “Baruch is located in New York City, the business capital of the world.  We have the location, we have amazing faculty, and we have a really great program going on over here.”

The Field programs offered by Zicklin in Entrepreneurship include an array of in-depth courses that build upon entrepreneurship skills.  These classes are offered in the areas of creativity and innovation; leadership; social business; technology; communication and negotiation; social entrepreneurship and community development; women and entrepreneurship; intrapreneurship; and acceleration.

Baruch’s Entrepreneurship Program continues to be praised by college sites and magazines nationally.  According to Davis, it is with hope “that Baruch one day tops the list.”

The Princeton Review ranking has been alluded to throughout social media sites as well as individual school websites.  For a complete list, visit:

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