Quiz: How Well Do You Know CUNY?      

(Note: The questions on this quiz concern the major senior CUNY colleges – Baruch College, Brooklyn College, The City College of New York, College of Staten Island, Hunter College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Lehman College, and Queens College.)

  1. Which CUNY has the most undergraduate students enrolled?
    1. Baruch College
    2. Queens College
    3. Hunter College
    4. College of Staten Island
  2. Which college was once The Normal College of City of New York?
    1. Hunter
    2. CSI
    3. John Jay
    4. Lehman
  3. What percentage of conferred CUNY Bachelor’s degrees are in STEM disciplines?
    1. 11%
    2. 19%
    3. 28%
    4. 32%
  4. Who was John Jay?
    1. US ambassador to England during the Civil War
    2. US Attorney General during the Civil War
    3. Secretary of the Interior during WWI
    4. First Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
  5. Which of the following people did not attend a CUNY?
    1. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine
    2. Bernie Sanders, Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate
    3. Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2
    4. Ralph Lauren, chairman and CEO of Polo Ralph Lauren
    5. Antonin Scalia, former US Supreme Court Justice
    6. Jerry Seinfeld, actor and comedian
    7. John O’Keefe, 2014 Nobel laureate in Medicine
  6. Which of the following majors is not offered at every CUNY?
    1. Economics
    2. History
    3. Anthropology
    4. Biology
  7. What is the least popular STEM major across the senior CUNYs?
    1. Physics
    2. Actuarial science
    3. Fire science
    4. Neuroscience
  8. What is the undergraduate semester tuition difference (on average) between CUNY and NYU (15 credits, without housing and fees, for NYS residents)?
    1. $20,000
    2. $15,000
    3. $10,000
    4. $8,000
  9. For how many years during the 1970s were FBI agents not permitted to enroll at John Jay?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
  10. Which CUNY was the first home for the UN?
    1. Lehman
    2. Hunter
    3. John Jay
    4. Baruch


  1. Hunter College enrolls the largest number of undergraduate students. During the fall semester of 2014, Hunter had 16,879 students enrolled – over 50% more than Lehman, which had the lowest enrollment of that semester. CUNY enrollment is as follows: (Source)cuny enrollment
  1. Originally the Female Normal and High School, Hunter College was renamed “The Normal College of the City of New York” from 1870 to 1914. In 1914 it was renamed Hunter College of New York in honor of Thomas Hunter, its founder. A “normal school” trains high school graduates to be teachers.
  1. 5,585 out of 42,191, or 10.4%, of the CUNY degrees awarded in 2014 were in STEM disciplines. (source)
  1. John Jay was the first Chief Justice on the Supreme Court, from 1989 to 1995, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was the Minister (Ambassador) to Spain during the Revolutionary War, helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris to end it, wrote five of the Federalist Papers to encourage ratification of the Constitution, and was Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Jay served as the Governor of New York from 1795 to 1801. He failed twice but ultimately succeeded in ending slavery in New York.
  1. Antonin Scalia attended Georgetown University for his undergraduate degree. Every other person listed started their undergraduate education at a CUNY. Not all finished; Ralph Lauren dropped out of Baruch after two years, and Bernie Sanders transferred from Brooklyn to the University of Chicago.
  2. Biology is not a major offered at John Jay.
  1. Fire science is the least common STEM major across the CUNYs. It is offered only by John Jay and “prepares students for a fire service or fire protection career by providing an overall understanding of the scope, content and literature of fire science, and developing key skills necessary for effecting fire safety in the public and private sectors.” STEM enrollment by major is as follows: (source)

stem by major cuny

stem enrollment

  1. $20,000. NYU costs $22,639 for one undergraduate semester of 12-18 credits. CUNY charges $3165 per semester for full-time in-state residents, a difference of $20,474.
  1. In 1970, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered that no FBI agents enroll at John Jay after faculty member Abe Bloomberg criticized him and the FBI. FBI agents began to re-enroll at John Jay in 1972, after Hoover’s death.
  1. Lehman College hosted the United Nations from March 1946, when the UN was first founded, till August that same year.

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