Baruch Celebrates Halloween with Renovated Food and Beverage Mart

Halloween at the William & Anita Newman Vertical Campus was anything but haunted; Baruch introduced “Avenue C,” the college’s freshly-designed, pioneer food and beverage multipurpose mart, to students, faculty, and campus visitors.

Centrally located in the main dining hall on the first floor of the main building, the well-anticipated café mart has reopened with a décor that highlights the modern architectural design of the campus.

The contractual redesign of the previous dining hall began in the beginning of September of the Fall 2016 semester and was estimated to be completed in mid-later October. During this construction period, Baruch students shifted their locational and taste preferences to the Bearcat Café, located on the corner of the 25th street plaza and Lexington Avenue.

Now that Avenue C has opened its doors, however, the mart is anticipated to bring Bearcats back to the home base. It is accessible to all from 7:30 am- 7:00 pm on Monday to Friday, presenting Bearcats with a greater variety of foods and beverages than ever before, five-days-a-week.

Ideal for the “commuter schedule,” Avenue C offers large-scale vending machines equipped with freshly-packed lunch-style salads, wraps, and sandwiches. The café also features healthier alternatives, such as vegetables with hummus and ranch sauce, and a selection of fruits that students can pick up to and from class.  Avenue C offers a differentiated set of chips, crackers, pretzels, etc. that can satisfy any craving, and quick espressos for a daily-wake-up cup. The café serves Starbucks coffee and Teavana teas on each of its opened days.

Tim Olivarez, a graduate student at Zicklin, expressed his satisfaction with the newly established Avenue C., “I think that it’s really great that Baruch is expanding its food options on campus.  If I’m running to class, I don’t have to leave the building.  It’s going to be helpful especially during my Winter class.”

Nikita Ahmed, an undergraduate of Weismann, also provided her input on the newly established café, “Baruch is definitely making an effort to bring people together and make campus more ‘homey. It’s a great idea. ‘Avenue C’ has a nice ring to it as well.”

As of yet, Avenue C has not set up the dinettes as pictured in its introductory poster. Once it does, the mart is expected to provide students with more of an incentive to remain on campus, convene with schoolmates, and enjoy a fresh array of breakfast, lunch, dinners, or quick-bites.

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