A Haunted Night at the Macaulay Building

On October 26th, Macaulay students from all campuses gathered for a frightful night at the annual Macaulay Halloween Party, run by the Macaulay Scholars Council. This event is one of the biggest initiatives that the Scholars Council facilitates.

Students enjoyed the various activities throughout the night, such as dancing in the Commons and Cabaret. PHOTO/ Sara Louie

As students filed into the building, donning the creepiest of costumes, they were given the option to choose between the wide range of activities offered on the different floors of the building. The Reading Room and Lecture Hall on the first floor contained a spooky photo booth, endless amounts of candy and a delicious buffet catered by Strokos Pizzeria & Deli. Up above in the Screening Room, Friday the 13th and Halloweentown were broadcasted on the big screen. Down below, the Commons and Cabaret held refreshments, water pong and the haunted dance floor.

Members of the Macaulay Scholars Council pose for the photo booth. PHOTO/ Sara Louie

As the night continued, students were put to the test both creatively and analytically in the costume and candy-counting contests. For the former, the victors were George Kenefati (City ’20) for his interpretation of “that one ‘The Rock’ meme,” and Beatriz Damotta and Ryan Rivera (Queens ’19) for their take on Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Nadiya Sivin-Kachala (Hunter ’22) also took home the sweet victory — both literally and figuratively — for her accurate guess of the candy in the jar.

As 26 is the double of 13, this Friday the 26th brought twice the haunted fun that Friday the 13th days around the calendar could only hope to achieve.

The Macaulay Scholars Council would like to thank all those who attended the event — stay tuned for the upcoming Spring Formal next semester!

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