Hold Tight and Don’t Panic

In August 2015, the Shanghai Stock Exchange experienced its worst crash in almost a decade. Trillions were eviscerated, which caused a massive drop in value for some of the richest investors and companies in China and sent shock waves around the world. In the final weeks of December 2015, the United States Federal Reserve (the […]

A Million and One Players

On November 24, a Russian fighter jet was shot down by Turkish forces. On November 13, a coordinated attack by ISIS agents in Paris killed over 130 people. On October 31, a Russian civilian airliner flying over the Sinai Peninsula to Moscow was downed, killing 224 passengers and crew. These events are disturbing symptoms of […]

The New Demography

The world average fertility rate has fallen to approximately 2.5 children per woman, while the world population is expected to increase to over 11 billion by 2100. These two facts tell a layered tale of global population trends that is split by economic development. The least developed countries will see the greatest population increase, while […]

A Modern Traders’ Route

The New Silk Road is China’s latest and most ambitious attempt to foster economic relations: two proposed trade routes, one sea-based and one land-based, that seek to integrate Central and South Asian economies with China and Europe. The Maritime Silk Road makes stops in South Asia before it circles over to Nairobi and then, throughout Europe. […]

Against All Odds

The two main political parties of Bangladesh are in an open war with each other. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the Awami League leads a campaign of suppression against the opposition, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), arresting several prominent BNP members and placing BNP leader Khaleda Zia under house arrest. (The Awami League won the […]

The Greatest Experiment

The United States is the one country on Earth that all of humanity looks towards. It’s a shining beacon of hope for the security, opportunity, and ability for greatness that everyone yearns for. It was the Founding Fathers’ vision—and a great unprecedented experiment—to create a country that could provide such things for everyone, but the […]