Hold Tight and Don’t Panic

In August 2015, the Shanghai Stock Exchange experienced its worst crash in almost a decade. Trillions were eviscerated, which caused a massive drop in value for some of the richest investors and companies in China and sent shock waves around the world. In the final weeks of December 2015, the United States Federal Reserve (the […]

A Modern Traders’ Route

The New Silk Road is China’s latest and most ambitious attempt to foster economic relations: two proposed trade routes, one sea-based and one land-based, that seek to integrate Central and South Asian economies with China and Europe. The Maritime Silk Road makes stops in South Asia before it circles over to Nairobi and then, throughout Europe. […]

Gallery Sightings: Asia through a Frenchman’s Lens

What: Witness at a Crossroads: Photographer Marc Riboud in Asia When: Through March 23rd, 2015 Where: The Rubin Museum of Art (W17th St.) Admission:  Students: $10 General Admission: $15 FREE on Friday evenings from 6 p.m.–10 p.m. After climbing three flights up the Rubin Museum’s central spiral staircase and passing two floors of Himalayan scroll paintings […]

Strategy Beyond Mere Charity

International development aid for underdeveloped countries has traditionally been looked upon as a form of charity by Western nations, including the United States. The idea of giving to poor African or Latin American countries is one that resonates in the minds of most Americans. The results of aid, however, have been terrible. Development aid has […]

Economic Growth In Africa: The Unheard Success Story

Perhaps rapid development of Asian countries and the simultaneous downturn in Europe and the United States overshadows growth rates in Africa, which are projected to be the fastest growing over the next decade. However, growth has spread throughout Africa, and while poverty and corruption are still rampant, millions of people are doing better economically speaking […]

Insurgency in West Africa

Few would have guessed that, after the global community’s most successful intervention in Libya of this century, chaos would have resulted in Mali. The toppling of Gadhafi in Libya created an intense exodus of violent and armed gangs from a country that, at one time, they could run freely. Some are part of organized militias […]