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Welcome to the website of the Macaulay Honors Seminar II class led by Professor Elizabeth Sibilia. We are one of two seminar classes in the College of Staten Island branch of the Macaulay Honors College. The title of our course is “The Peopling of New York,” and throughout the semester we have worked on analyzing and discovering interesting history and facts of Staten Island’s Waterfront.

Staten Island is sometimes known as the “Forgotten Borough” of New York City. Chances are that if you travel outside of the tri-state area, most people will have no idea that a place called Staten Island even exists. Although small and quite unpopular, Staten Island holds a rich history, and has been crucial in global trade, containing New York City’s largest container terminal, Howland Hook Container Terminal. After learning and researching about Staten Island, we were inspired to create this website, where people can visit to learn and discover just how interesting this small little island neighboring Manhattan can be.


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