Relevant Links

Staten Island History

1. Historic Richmond Town:

2. Old Staten Island:

3. A Brief History of Richmond County, Staten Island:

4. Timeline of Staten Island:

5. The Staten Island Historian:

6. North Shore:

7. South Shore:

8. East Shore:

9. New York Harbor Ferry Boats:


Midland Beach

1. FDR Boardwalk and Beach:

2. Midland Beach:

3. Pictures of Midland Beach:


Port Richmond

1. Pictures of Port Richmond:

2. Forgotten New York – Port Richmond:


St. George

1. St. George Civic Association:

2. St. George Ferry Terminal:



1. New Stapleton Waterfront:

2. Stapleton Heights Historic District Designation Report:

3. History of Stapleton:



1. Tottenville Historical Society:

2. Conference House Park:

3. The Conference House:

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