Where I live…

I live in the things I love, or rather, through them. They follow me in different ways throughout my life and shape the world around me.

This is my dog.

His  name is Oliver and he is my little angel. He literally follows me around  like a puppy whenever we’re together. I can’t even be in the bathroom for a minute before he starts whimpering at the door. It’s nice though, having a creature so attached to you, when he’s around I’m never lonely and I live in a state of perpetual company. His presence gives me the energy to go out and experience the world in a way I never bothered to before I had him. When I still lived at home, I would take him for an hour long walk every night. It was really nice to have an excuse for going outside after dark. I get restless at night.

This is my best friend, Becca. I haven’t known her very long, but we are inseparable and I’ve never had a friendship like the one I have with her. During the last few weeks of summer, I literally saw her every single day. And when she was out for the day, I’d ask her when she was coming home, referring to my house, or when she was going to take me home, meaning her house. It’s really lovely, to have two homes. I’ve experienced so much that I otherwise wouldn’t have thanks to her. She has a driver’s license, so I experienced the freedom to go wherever I wanted over the summer (Where I wanted to go was wherever she was). I live through music, my ipod provides almost constant noise to me as I go through my daily life. I love music with every fiber of my being and she does too. We have similar tastes and she has introduced me to some artists that are now part of my identity. She also accompanied me to multiple concerts that I couldn’t have gone to otherwise (Concerts are one of my favorite things and a huge part of my life. They’re how I meet new friends and get really close with one sI already have). We went to the Blackout Forever Tour, Bamboozle, and Warped Tour.

The Blackout Forever Tour and Bamboozle bring me to my next picture.  The lovely man in that picture with me is Eliot Lorango. He is the bassist for a band called Matt Toka, who I first saw on the Blackout Forever Tour. I met him after the show and he was super sweet. A few months later, when we were at Bamboozle, Becca recognized him walking along one of the streets in the concert and we wound up talking to him again. He remembered us, probably due to my pink and blue hair, and we wound up befriending him. The next day we made a sign for him and were at front for his set. We talked to him after the show and he asked if he could keep it. It was apparently his first sign ever! (We unfortunately misspelled his name though.) We hung out with him and the guitarist, John, on and off for the rest of Bamboozle. We also spent some time with them at their tent during Warped Tour. Eliot, and the band Matt Toka, are now an important part of my life. I can always get excited when I know I’ll be seeing them again and I constantly check to see if they are touring nearby. The really funny thing about Eliot, is that he represents one of the things that brought me and Becca so close together in the first place. The Blackout Forever Tour, which he was on, was the first concert I went to with Becca, and very much responsible for my very intimate friendship with her. So my friendship with Becca, circles back to Eliot, who circles back to my love of music. My dog, my best friend, and my music are all a big part of my life and I live in them and through them.