On Scrapbooks

In showcasing your scrapbook to us next week, prepare to speak concisely for 4-5 minutes. You can shape your presentation around:

-Your theme: what it means to you, the choices you made and what you want us to take away.

-An example: how’d you go about the design and layout of content: what kind of viewer/visitor experience are you targeting—do you want visitors to get to know you first or launch into a memory, follow a certain sequence, move between text, image, audio, and so on.

-Ask feedback on a specific aspect of the design, technical components, or content that is giving you a problem or you are unsure about.

More on Dance

After talking about dance reviews and critics, I thought you might enjoy this overview of principle highlights of the fall dance season, Three Stars of the Dance World, by lead dance critic of the New York Times Alastair Macualay. Yes, that is his name but as far as I know he is unrelated to MHC. Comments or comparisons with the other critics we looked at are welcome!

An added note: all the readings indicated on the schedule are available on the protected Resource page. The only item not there is the play, The Piano Lesson. You are repsonsible for obtaining that.

If you need a copy of the chapter from John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, look at the menu and click on “Resources.” The page is password protected because this is copyright material. Enter your password to access the page.