Interested in hosting our BioBlitz? We’re always looking for new places to bring out students!

What we bring:

  • Approximately 500 eager college students
  • Our network of naturalists/scientists
  • The necessary surveying equipment (mostly owned by us, some borrowed)
  • Our experience in planning and managing this massive data collection event

What we are looking for:

  • Partners in urban green spaces (managers, education directors, etc.)
  • Staffing at location (volunteer or otherwise)
  • Facilities (a sheltered area to do check in and set up microscopes, bathrooms, etc.).


  • Biodiversity data for the green space (species lists, iNaturalist observations)
  • A transformative educational experience

Interested? Arrange a meeting with us! We can discuss all things BioBlitz (dates, data collection, shared expenses, etc.). Contact Dr. Kelly O’Donnell (