Wang Jianwei and the Guggenheim


The Guggenheim Museum was definitely a very new and unique experience. The building itself was astonishing because it really allows one to get insights into many prospectives all at the same time. Standing in one spot and being able to see many things from that one position really is an eye-opener.

checklist_wangjianwei_wang_1024 I imagine Wang Jianwei had a similar experience in the museum. He said himself how the structure of the Guggenheim inspired much of his exhibition. The set of four paintings that depicted different “stills” as time went on is one way I feel Jianwei used the Guggenheim. Just like the Guggenheim, the paintings were all part of one another. As our tour guide astutely pointed out, in order to get the whole picture, one would have had to walk back and forth to take all four paintings in. Plus, each painting depended on the ones that came before or after. Just like this, the Guggenheim also requires people to walk back and forth, up the ramps, in order to get the whole picture of the museum. All of the “floors” are connected and provide unique views for the individual.

Another interesting fact about the exhibition was the fact that Wang Jianwei testifies that each piece can be taken for themselves and still “make sense”. For me, that held very true; so much so that I actually felt like I “understood”—however little or much I actually did—the pieces more separate rather than all together. Each piece separately meant more to me than the whole exhibition.

The video installation inspired by Kafka’s Metamorphosis was very…ambiguous. All of the events were relatively easy to understand, but I didn’t really understand the reason of making it 50 minutes long when it could have easily been explained in a lot less. The theme of time did poke through, though, so I do think this video installation was very much a part of the whole exhibition.

All in all, I’m glad to have experienced yet another “adventure” of sorts, getting to know the city I live in. The Guggenheim Museum is definitely a place to go as a tourist attraction and for a casual, yet enriching visit.