Complexions: A Piece to Remember


The first time I’ve been to the Joyce Theater was in 6th grade and it hasn’t changed much since then. The Joyce Theater is very intimate compared to the Metropolitan, where we saw Carmen. I believe this is extremely fitting for contemporary ballet because it allows us to really embrace the dance. One detail that was different from my experience now and the one I had 7 years ago were our seats. I had the pleasure of sitting in the middle rows in my first experience and I must admit, I enjoyed the performance more then. The angle that I was able to see the stage had a slight affect on the way I felt about the performance. At one point, I was so uncomfortable in the position I was in that I couldn’t even look at the stage. Nonetheless, I thought the performance was brilliant.

Complexions is a well renowned piece and I truly believe it was worth my while. One thing I’ve learned about watching dance over the years is that this is an art form whose purpose can vary. With dance, many pieces tell a story while others are just choreographed to appreciate movement. Contemporary dance in general strains the body physically in a way that combines elements of modern, jazz, and ballet. For example, in the last section, the dancers were on pointe but also bending their bodies in a way that ballet doesn’t allow. The combination of the intimate theater and the performance being contemporary ballet made me appreciate the effort it takes to put on such an amazing show. I would like to acknowledge the parts of the show that I used to take for granted such as the lighting, the backdrop and the performers themselves. The lighting and the backdrop really set the mood in each section. At one point the backdrop was completely black which made the stage seem endless once the smoke was fully set on stage. I felt like they were dancing before entering dark cave with so much unknown. My favorite lighting was the red lights that accentuated the party and intimate feel of the section in the last piece. Lastly, the performers were absolutely incredible. I know or a fact, I cannot do any of the moves they made look so smooth. I can only imagine the hours and weeks of practice this must’ve taken to prepare for opening night.