Pea Roe Foam A TBT





This massive compilation of random garbage peas, garbage fish eggs and most  of all garbage foam made no sense to me and added to my frustration towards the art world. Now that i can reflect on my journey through the art scene, i can undoubtedly say that i have a new found appreciation and perspective to view art. Just the other day after our last IDC class, i went to the library to meet up with some friends. However, the library was so packed we ended up sitting in those little telephone rooms that have video art on the TV. It happened to be that on Tuesday the artist for the video was going through each floor with a little group. They walked in on us watching some really funny videos and decided to ask us what we thought about the art. While my friends were thinking of some BS they can say. I jumped right into the question and started giving my perspective about the artificial world vs natural creations.

Now to connect this all back to Pea Roe Foam, i have the perspective i was missing. The dada form of art is another statement by the artist to get us thinking about the meaningless material in our lives. Its one thing being told this and another finally coming to terms with this myself. The useless products we saw in that gallery was all an effort of non stop labor to allow us to find the meaning of the art. The art is a compilation of the garbage we throw ut after we finished using it. Why should we throw it out? Well we shouldn’t because throw a bit of glue on it and someone will buy it apparently. But actually, the dada art is supposed to be as unspecific as possible so that the viewer comes to terms with it. I am so glad to have gained a new found respect for art, i feel much more sophisticated going into a conversation about art now and i feel like i am a baby specialist in the market.