The purpose of doing a lab in school is to have a hands on experience of the things we read about and how they work. It is useful that a lab is in a controlled environment with an expected result because it gives you the ability to know that you performed the lab correctly. Furthermore, if you did perform the lab incorrectly it gives you steps to take to redo the lab to find out where you went wrong. I don’t feel like labs are necessary for non specialist science courses because we’re more getting an overview of the topic rather than performing it in a sense, however, it is still useful in allowing us to see the practical side of that topic. From this lab experience I hope to be able to see the chemicals reacting and the different procedures and overall I just hope to see the process of creating a drug. A lab in a non science course would be any practical experience for example in a Law class it would be a case study, or in history maybe an archaeological hunt, some sort of hands on experience. You can’t use the same style of writing in a lab as you would in other types of writing because the specific sections serve different purpose in the lab and as such need to be divided up and written about separately.