Best of CUFF Returns to Macaulay

Poster by Thomas Flynn
The “Best of CUFF” is coming to Macaulay in order to generate interest in the March 2012 edition of the City University Film Festival (CUFF). The three year old festival will kick off a new event on Friday, December 2 from 6-8pm; the evening will feature past winners and other notable entries.

Among the films to be screened is CUFF’s 2011 winner, Shape of the Shapeless; the film was directed by Jayan Cherian. Shape of the Shapeless is described as “an extraordinarily intimate look at gender and social roles.” The documentary follows Rose Wood, otherwise known as John Corey, a businessman who moonlights as a transsexual performer.

“A documentary film-maker has to be 10 times more vigilant, smarter, and quicker in making decisions than a feature film-maker,” said Cherian in an interview with The Hindu.

A City College graduate, Cherian intends to make Shape of the Shapeless a feature film.

A 2010 entry from Medgar Evers faculty member Vashti Anderson entitled Jeffery’s Calypso will also be screened, along with The Release of Jan by Jordan Roettele from Brooklyn College and The End of Evolution by Adam Besheer.

“The festival’s team of students and staff have forged connections with arts leaders, campus departments, and professors in order to help skyrocket the careers of its future professionals. To date, over 250 films have been submitted to CUFF, and 33 have been screened at the festival. Eight participants have been featured on PBS Channel THIRTEEN’s Reel 13 program. One director has won a student Academy award (Maria Royo, for Rediscovering Pape).” said CUFF’s Artistic and Assistant Directors Nick Shimkin and Thomas Flynn.

Shimkin and Flynn hope “The Best of CUFF” will encourage students to both submit films to and volunteer for the 2012 festival.

The event will be held in the Macaulay Screening Room. A reception will follow.

For more information about CUFF, visit their new website.

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