No Instruments, No Mercy: The Macaulay Triplets Fall Concert

Joined by the Carnegie Mellon Originals and the NYU Mixtapes, the Macaulay Triplets held their first concert of the year at the Macaulay Honors College building. Arriving just a few minutes before the concert began, the first thing said to me upon entering the building was “Good luck finding a seat.” I understood the statement as I entered the Cabaret — sure enough, every seat was filled.

Family members, friends, and fans of the a cappella groups came in support, and from the very beginning, it was evident that it was going to be a night filled with fun, celebrating the hard work and talent of these groups.

First up were the NYU Mixtapes, who had fun time on stage performing Fun.’s “Some Nights” and Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” Second were the Carnegie Mellon Originals, who soulfully performed Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away,” having the crowd clap along and sing the lyrics as well.

Photo by Patryk Perkowski (Queens ’14)

The Macaulay Triplets then took the stage, starting off with the Backstreet Boys’ favorite, “Larger Than Life.” It was then followed by Green Day’s “21 Guns,” beautifully arranged by Raj Basak (CCNY ’15) and Joe Borrello (CCNY ’13), and ‘Feeling Good,’ with a beautiful solo by Kristy Timms (Hunter ’16) that blew everyone away. Finally, they sang “Run, Freedom, Run!” from the Broadway musical Urinetown, a fun performance that showcased what the Triplets were all about.

Raj Basak, the founder of the Macaulay Triplets and serves as both a tenor and musical director for the a cappella group said, “Well, I think we’ve come a long way and are only getting better with time. The Triplets events are all about bringing the MHC community together and about having a great time while working hard on something we love doing. We are humbled at all the love and support people have shown us, both in and outside of the Macaulay community.”

The Macaulay Triplets are a talented, unique group of people that demonstrate what Macaulay is about — their first concert of the year exemplified how a group of people from all different campuses and majors, with different dreams and aspirations, could come together and put so much effort into the one thing they all love doing: singing.

To hear performances from the concert, visit the Macaulay Triplets’ YouTube channel! Follow the Triplets on their Facebook page.

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