Museum of the Month: Nicholas Roerich Museum

Tristan and Isolde by Nicholas Roerich, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Nicholas Roerich Museum, located on the Upper West Side, is devoted to the life and work of the painter. The museum itself is located at the end of a residential block, and from the outside appears to be another townhouse building. However, upon entering the building, you are surrounded with various paintings and sculptures. The museum is three floors high, each floor and staircase filled completely with his artwork.

Roerich’s paintings are mostly composed of landscapes, using many shades of the same color scheme for all aspects of the piece.

“The museum almost felt like someone’s apartment that was filled with artwork,” said Art History major Colette Kehoe, CCNY ’17. “It made the museum feel light and casual, even though a lot of the artwork itself has a dark tone.”

In addition to the artwork on display, the museum has frequent classical concerts and poetry readings for the public. Admission for the museum and these shows are free, though donations are welcome.

Nicholas Roerich was a Russian painter that was born in St. Petersburg. Roerich was known for his long travels across the world, specifically Asia, which is reflected in the Indian influence in his paintings. During his lifetime, Roerich was nominated several times for a Nobel Peace Prize, though he never received one.

Though Nicholas Roerich is considered by some to be one of the most influential Russian painters, many have never heard of him or seen his work. The museum focuses and succeeds at keeping his reputation and talent alive now and for years to come.

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