Enjoy the Jewish Museum, No Tribe Membership Required

“BUT WE’RE NOT EVEN JEWISH!!!” A little girl shrieks at her mother at the edge of the entrance to the Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History exhibit. Clearly exasperated, and even more embarrassed, the woman whispers something sharply in her daughter’s ear before yanking her small, squirming frame into the display room. Later, my ever-keen grandmother told […]

Gallery Sightings: Beyond the Classical

What: Beyond the Classical: Imagining the Ideal Across Time When: through January 11th, 2015 Where: National Academy Museum (Upper East Side) Admission: Pay What You Wish (In partnership with Macaulay’s Cultural Passport Program) The Bounty KillArt (artist), L’Histoire et la Paix (History and Peace), 2004. The National Academy Museum, a tiny gem among the giants of […]

Gallery Sightings: A Black-and-White Eden

What: Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis When: through January 11th, 2015 Where: the International Center of Photography (Midtown) Admission: FREE for Macaulay students with a Cultural Passport General Admission: $14 Students: $10 Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis fills both floors of the International Center of Photography with more than 200 breathtaking black-and-white photographs of the most pristine, untouched places […]

Images from Arts Night 2014

Photos provided by event photographer Patryk Perkowski Macaulay Arts Night transformed the West 67th Street brownstone into a flourishing gallery of art forms, ranging from caricature, origami sculpture, and dance workshops to amazing paintings, drawings, and written work.  The brownstone filled and emptied throughout the night as students from all campuses stopped by to perform, […]

What Banksy Can Teach Us

When British artist Banksy’s self-declared New York residency first began creating a buzz, I was excited. To me, it presented a comforting realization that masses could still care about art not just in a I’m-going-take-my-biannual-trip-to-the-Met–to-refresh-my-understanding-and-appreciation-for-good-art kind of way (don’t get me wrong, I love the Met), but in a not-all-important-art-is-in-museums-and-I-am-willing-to-travel-all-around-the-city-to-follow-an-obscure-artist-to-see-what-his-work-is-about kind of way. But as the talk around Banksy […]