5,500 and Counting

A cloudy, calm day greeted Kathmandu on April 25, 2015. A cool 62 degrees reigned over the day as a Saturday passed, giving way to what was supposed to be another regular Sunday. 07:09:08.90 UTC, Apr 26, 2015 The ground cracked and separated beneath feet. Buildings crashed to their doom. Chaos reared its manic head […]

Finishing Up in the Oval

In what is supposed to be the nation’s house of compromise, consistent discord and legislative procrastination seems to prevail. The upcoming 2016 election season has already begun leaving most politicians in a frenzy with prominent members of Congress seeking the Presidential nomination off on their personal campaigns. That leaves us with really just one ace in […]


There aren’t many words one can use to describe TEDxCUNY 2014 that don’t have the same connotation as “raving success.” There was an inundation of requests to attend and for good reason. The speakers, who spoke on the theme of “access,” presented at the Macaulay Honors College building on a Sunday afternoon in November. The speakers included actresses, astronomers, […]

17…and counting?

Three of our presidents—Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Barack H. Obama—have one unique thing in common. All three of these men, at one point during their tenure, passed immigration reform in favor of protecting the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, and to be completely honest, this doesn’t make any sense—at first. […]

Feminist Freestyles

Two Macaulay students are introducing a fresh and interesting perspective to feminist conversation with their new video series Feminist Freestyles, produced by SlamPow! Productions. “We hope this series will connect with viewers and serve an underfed Youtube audience looking for queer black feminist content,” says producer Samantha Riddell. SlamPow! Productions, created by Macaulay’s own Shanika […]

Images from Arts Night 2014

Photos provided by event photographer Patryk Perkowski Macaulay Arts Night transformed the West 67th Street brownstone into a flourishing gallery of art forms, ranging from caricature, origami sculpture, and dance workshops to amazing paintings, drawings, and written work.  The brownstone filled and emptied throughout the night as students from all campuses stopped by to perform, […]

All Gears In Reverse

Not that any individual can do much about it, but perhaps it’s nice to sit and wonder on a balmy day — where the hell is the world headed? Technology’s rapid progression has allowed us a glimpse into our future. Cars used to be science fiction, apparently — in what age, I wouldn’t know. Perhaps, someday, the […]