Vocate: A Promising Career-Services Platform for Students

Does it seem like your online applications for internships/jobs are going into the notorious black hole? Many applicants have faced the frustration of the competitive internship/job application process. It often takes multiple applications until one hears back from a single employer/organization. With the advent of Vocate, it has now become easier for students to land a position, by, for starters, getting noticed in the sea of resumes. No longer will you have to write cover letters with the uncertainty of hearing back. Did I mention it’s free? Free—one of every Macaulay student’s favorite words.

Founded in 2015 by Alex Tonelli (Dartmouth ’06), Vocate is an online marketplace that works with over 50 different U.S. undergraduate institutions to connect students with employers for internships and entry-level jobs. Tonelli explains, “We don’t think your dreams need to die when you leave college. We are your partner in figuring out where you might enjoy working and then give you the tools and introductions to employers to get those jobs.”

The platform comprises a wide range of opportunities across various industries and locations. With proven results, Vocate has successfully made over made 1,500 matches for Macaulay students, since launching at Macaulay Honors College in July 2016.

Vocate recognizes Macaulay as the Honors College of CUNY, so it represents MHC users as students of the Honors College—which helps them stand out. Although the CUNY Career Centers and Macaulay CareerPath via Symplicity are notable go-to resources, Vocate offers a more personalized approach.

As a senior Macaulay Honors student who used Vocate to find an internship tailored to my interests, I can assure you that if you are a Macaulay student still seeking an internship, Vocate is likely your next best (ad)vocate.

Top reasons that I recommend Vocate:

  • Easy-to-navigate

Setting up an account is fairly easy, and the platform is user-friendly. Vocate also offers additional resources to guide you through the process.

  • Personalized approach

The system allows you to select preferences such as desired employer size, location, and industry, which you may edit later. It’s like having pre-set filters to narrow your search. Vocate goes about accommodating those preferences to present interest-specific matches to you.

  • Quick process

Within two weeks of setting up my Vocate account, I received matches from prospective employers and accepted an internship offer. On Vocate, you essentially put up one application that can lead to many opportunities coming your way—it’s almost like a “Common App for jobs”—rather than sending out cover letters like lasers.

  • Efficient communication

A Vocate representative initially has a conversation with you to discuss your background and your interests. Their team even sets up the initial communication between you and the employer, prior to the interview. You also receive regular email reminders to update your profile or respond to matches, ensuring a timely process.

All in all, Vocate saves you time, energy, and even space on your computer (from all those cover letters you didn’t have to write!).

You can give Vocate a try by signing up here: https://app.vocate.me/accounts/signup/

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