Frank’s Pop Culture Watch: The X Factor Hits Series Lows, The Voice Hits Highs

In a media landscape filled with so much “sameness,” it is peculiar when a show succeeds over a similarly themed program. Why do some singing competition shows perform consistently well, while others struggle for good numbers? This season, the divide is apparent. The Voice is hitting series highs and spearheading NBC’s rising success, while The X Factor is hitting […]

Frank’s Pop Culture Watch: ABC Family Boasts Highest Tuesday Ratings Ever

This past Tuesday, ABC Family broke its own records with their highest Tuesday ratings in the network’s history. Which shows propelled the network to this victory? Pretty Little Liars and the premiere of its spinoff, Ravenswood. PLL and Ravenswood destroyed other teen-targeted shows in their time slots—The Originals and Supernatural on the CW—though both CW […]

Frank’s Pop Culture Watch: Strong Debuts for CW’s The Originals and The Tomorrow People

The CW, the network that spawned such cult hits as The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Arrow, struck gold again this season with two of their freshman series. Diaries’ spinoff, The Originals, and sci-fi thriller The Tomorrow People have both premiered to strong ratings and favorable reactions from fans. The Originals follows villain-turned-leading man Niklaus Mikaelson […]

Quidditch Casts a Spell on Macaulay

While racing with broomsticks in between their legs, throwing volleyballs through hula hoops, and trying to grab the player dressed in gold, these students run around like chickens with their heads cut off. An onlooker might wonder what they are doing. They are playing Quidditch, of course. The fictional game that the Harry Potter series […]