The Enemy of My Enemy

Medicine is becoming increasingly easier to get hold of: over-the-counter cough syrups, vitamins and lozenges are just some examples. Antibiotics, another common word in our repertoire of the common man’s medicine, has also become increasingly easier to get and pay for. However, it’s also become easier to consume these medications, which are meant for serious illnesses and […]

The History of Black History Month

February is dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of African Americans. We honor a history of excellence in literature, science, art, philosophy, activism and social justice.  We commemorate those who have risen above hardships with resilience. We seek to acknowledge the unrecognized for their contributions to our societal foundation. In 1916, a Harvard doctorate […]

A World Beyond Our Own

For years, scientists have known that Earth is something special. Its distance from the sun allows for the perfect amount of light and heat to enter the atmosphere, giving us the perfect temperature and energy to sustain life. While the debate about the origin of said life still continues, no one can deny that Earth […]