Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Force to be Reckoned With

Who exactly is the woman behind the pristine white caped blazer, signature red lip, and unapologetically bold hoop earrings? How is she breaking social and political barriers in an attempt to address the deeply rooted issues inherent in our country’s government? The media frenzy around up-and-coming Congresswoman and Democratic politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is truly one […]

Spanning Two Boroughs

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for close to 16 years, ever since I moved to the US from Baku, Azerbaijan in 1999. The Brooklyn that I know is blocks of six-story red- and yellow-brick apartment buildings filled with people of all colors. Mexicans, Jews from the former USSR, Pakistanis, African Americans, and anyone else you can […]

Incubating Success

“A lot of the skills you learn in college are just life lessons.” ~ Kevin Ryan, Founder of Gilt Groupe, Business Insider, and MongoDB   The dynamic nature of modern demands has left students and academic counselors perplexed about what will make today’s students successful as tomorrow’s leaders. Academic excellence doesn’t seem to be enough in […]

Occupation: Student

I’m now in my senior year of college, which means that I’ve spent three quarters of my life in school, as have most of those who are reading this right now. Isn’t that just simply astounding? And yet even though we’ve spent all of these years in school, taking notes, doing homework, and stressing over […]

Spotlight: The Macaulay Dancers

“Before we started this club, we never experienced certain forms of dance,” says Danielle Gordon, co-president of The Macaulay Dancers, one of Macaulay’s rising clubs. The Macaulay Dancers is comprised of Macaulay students from various campuses and focuses on a range of dances, including modern dance, jazz, Bollywood, hip-hop, and tap. The team has performed […]