Post-Combine 2013 NFL Mock Draft

The NFL Scouting Combine – the most overly scrutinized event in all of sports. Every year the top college football players from across the nation display their skills in a series of tests, workouts, and drills. Thousands of talent evaluators representing each of the 32 NFL teams attend this event looking to find “The Next […]

Thinking About Macaulay

I think I got it figured out. (Still grappling with narcissism and paternalism…so please pardon me, especially during this difficult finals period.) First, it’s a happy accident that I’m here. It’s a happy accident that we’re all here, more or less. As accomplished as we are, in the back of our minds, we should know […]

Macaulay and ASU Unite for Immigration Reform

The case in support of undocumented immigrants opportunities in the United States will be made during the First Annual Macaulay Students for Immigration Education Reform (S.I.E.R.) Conference. The conference, in collaboration with Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College, will address the state of unauthorized immigrants in higher education. ASU hosted its own conference during the […]